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If you own any cane furnishings, you could be holding onto a distinguished piece of fascinating history. While cane furniture originated from the Shakers here in the U.S., it has also been a tradition for years in places as far east as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Remake your cane piece after it has fallen into disrepair with our excellent re-caning services.


We are a second generation, family owned business, here to provide you with a personal approach to your specific re-caning needs.

Intricate cane furniture requires occasional re-caning in order to maintain the stunning visual impact you love. Renew your cane furniture with our help and discover the difference we make.


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Our caning services are unparalleled in Saint Charles, MO and the surrounding areas, because many furniture repair shops discontinued their caning services years ago. Take advantage of our unique knowledge and expertise for your woven or pressed cane furniture. We can also repair fiber and natural rush pieces, with our shaker tape, wicker stripping, and re-finishing services.

We specialize in this lost art

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